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More than 72 million children around the world remain unschooled, while 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. This is why we created Classrom, an open source program which provides free education to anyone in the world.


Educators create and submit lesson plans which are then analyzed and either rejected or accepted to be part of the Classrom curriculum.


The lessons offered differ from country to country depending on things such as a countries educational standards and opportunities for growth.


There are around 180 school days in a year, in primary school alone that’s over 1200 school days, which is a lot of content which regularly needs to be updated to meet the needs of a developing world. This is why we need help from educators from around the world to build and maintain this educational database.

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Create a lesson plan

Click the link below to sign up to be a content creator. Once you have been accepted you can select a country and lesson plan from prep to year 11. Once you have made your selection you will be prompt to download the required template. Fill in the template with the required information and upload it to the link on the bottom of the template page.

Post an idea for a feature

Click the link to be directed to our contact form. Share your idea about how we can make the Classrom System even better.

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Pabs – Classrom Systems Manager

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